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Navi e Armatori.net is an amateur site dedicated to shipping and, in particular, to the main Italian and foreign shipowners and shipowner groups.
The site offers to its visitors a wide range of areas, such as a forum (in Italian), a photo gallery (Italian and English) and a historical section (multilingual).
Our goal is to create a space where shipfans and sea-going people from all around the world can meet and share their love for the sea. A place where all users can share their pictures, ask for news, express their thoughts and also discover the glorious past of some of the most important shipowners in the world.
In order to make that possible, we just have to follow some simple rules.

Gallery Rules
1) Everyone can enter all the gallery's folders; however, you have to register if you want to see the pictures in their original size;
2) The subscription to the site's gallery is FREE. Once you are registered and logged in, you can see all the pictures in their original size. The Administrators have the right to accept or not any subscription to the gallery; in order to register, you have to fill in a form where you provide a username, your email address and the place you live;
3) The staff reserves the right to remove or edit any contents at any time without providing any reason;
4) When you post a picture, please fill in all the fields such as: title, description, shipowner, date etc. Please, be sure that the data you provide are correct. If you are not sure, leave the fields empty, the staff will try to fill them in with the correct information;
5) The staff can edit the picture's data provided by users without giving any notice and can also delete pictures without providing any reason;
6) Pictures must be sharp and correctly exposed and must not be identical (or nearly) to other pics posted by the same user or by other users. Such pictures may be deleted by the staff, in order to keep the gallery's quality high throughout time;
7) You can upload only pics that you have taken; you cannot upload pictures from any other source (e.g. websites), unless you have the permission/authorization of the copyright holder. If you post a photo taken by someone else (who has given you the permission to use that pic), always reference the source in the "description" field;
8) Photography rights belong to their respective owners. Pictures cannot be used without prior permission from their owners.
9) Please use the comments properly: comments should be a way to give your own opinion and have/ask for information about a particular picture. Offensive, inopportune and superfluos comments will be delated by the Gallery's Staff;
9) The Administrators of Navi e Armatori reserve the right to modify these rules at any time. We strongly recommend all users to visit this page regularly.

Forum Rules
1) The Administrators and Moderators of this forum are making every effort to keep it a friendly and productive place for all members. Mutual respect is within the guidelines by which the forum will be administrated and moderated. All members are expected to show respect and courtesy to the forum staff and other members. Members can freely express their views without violating applicable laws and always respecting other people's opinions.
2) 'Contents' (e.g. written, audio or visual contents) must not violate any applicable Italian or international law. You acknowledge that all posts express the views and opinions of their respective authors; administrators and moderators will not be held liable for any of these 'contents'.
3) 'Contents' must NOT: - be obscene, offensive, hateful or inflammatory; - promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age; - advocate, promote, incite any third party to commit or assist any unlawful, criminal or terrorist act; - infringe any copyright, database right or trade mark of any other person.
4) Posts must NOT contain any advertising or promote any services or web links to other sites; as well they must not promote any political party nor must they support or defame Italian or foreign politician. Such post will be immediately deleted by the forum's staff.
5) Administrators and Moderators have the right - but not the duty - to check the forum's 'contents' and they can act as they think best for the site's interest where there is a violation of Italian or international laws, of behavior rules and of these forum rules.
6) As human beings, Administrators and Moderators of this forum can make mistakes. If you (politely) show us our mistakes, we can discuss them and find a way out.
7) Do not post wider than 500*350 pixels, because it breaks the forum layout in common browser sizes. Avatar images are NOT permitted as part of a users personal signature to their posts,
8) Please, use Properly the QUOTE function.
9) The site staff reserves the right to delete a user's account without providing any reason.

We are at YOUR disposal for any further information or explanation. At the same time, we kindly ask you to follow the above stated rules in order to allow us to provide you a reliable and winning site.