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Navi e Armatori is the result of our great passion for the the shipping and the marine world; passion that has led us to the creation this website during January 2007, also thanks to the support of many friends and acquaintaces who share our love of the sea.

We got to know each other around two years ago, we frequented the same photo galleries dedicated to shipping, and we met virtually, for the first time, through MSN Messenger. It seems unbelievable that people so far from each other geographically could meet on the web , exchange information, pictures and stories and in addition cultivate a friendship that is goes further than simply sharing a passion, such as shipping.

The idea of creating something that could allow us to share more easily information and pictures, started to take shape since the beginning. Initially we thought to burn our pictures collections on DVDs and exchange them at the first chance of a meeting, or by post. Unfortunately the occasion to meet each other in person have proven to be quite rare, even if we all managed to meet each other in person in in more than one occasion.

Thanks to the Internet, we also came into contact with many more lovers of the shipping world, and with many of those we also had the chance to meet and also travel together (by sea, of course) . And it is because we hold these people, their opinions, their contributions and their friendship dear we wanted to create a place to meet each other, even if only virtually. The project started with the creation of a blog , during the autumn of 2006. The idea was liked by many, and the participation to the forum connected to the blog has proven to be very enthusiastic. The only gap was the absence of an interactive photo gallery, that allowed the active participation of all. In virtue of this and thanks to the success of the blog, we decided (with a lot of willpower and effort) to buy a domain and create a proper website, that was born officially on the 23rd January 2007.

Navi e Armatori has had an unexpected success since the beginning. The gallery, created with a lot of effort (since at the start none of us did not know how to manage it and structure it), contained already 30,000 pictures in only 1 year of activity. The historical section dedicated to the shipowners has also rapidly become larger and more comprehensive, thanks also to the contribution of highly competent friends.Same goes with the forum, in a few months we already had more than 100 members, and currently the forum contains more than 10,000 messages. In the meantime, during our work on the project “Navi e Armatori”, we received the compliments of so many people, that honoured us and gave us even more enthusiasm and the will to improve more and more.

We are ambitious and we do not want to hide it. We worked to make this website to reference resource for the shipping lovers , and a meeting place to all people that like us have the same passion and want to cultivate an share it with others. And maybe we are succeeding! In any case, the achievement of our objective would not be possible without the precious contribution of all our members that put at disposal of our virtual community their ideas, criticisms, suggestions and their own photos. There are many persons that in their own way have given a fundamental contribution towards the realization of this dream. Therefore we give a particular thanks to our Staff, to the Supporting Members, to the friend Andrea Cherchi (without him many technical improvements would have not been possible) and to our historical expert Maurizio Gadda.