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Mina Piquera
Mina Piquera
The Mina Piquera was in a way a ship of surprising history. It was launched on December 28, 1899 by the Maryland Steel Company, Sparrow's Point, with the number 26 and named Pleiades. It was owned by the Boston Tow Company. It was the first ship to cross the Panama Canal, had a fire in 1902, and contemplated the tragedy of Port Arthur, where she was blocked for a week. She arrived at Che Foo on February 15, 1904, having lived the attack and having seen the sinking of the beautiful Askold.

In 1.919 was sold to Spanish American Line S.A., being renamed Segundo, and as next to another ship of the same Company - the Primero - was chartered to Ybarra y Cia., This one decides in 1,924 to buy them by 1,600,000 pesetas each, happening to be called from then Cabo Santa Maria, being destined to the line of New York.

Before the failure of the line to New York, Ybarra and Co., decides to sell Cabo Santa Maria (second in the fleet with that name) to Joaqu?n Velasco Martin, for the amount of 540,000 pesetas. This took place in 1.932, in which happens to be the Mine Piquera, under the interests of J. Velasco, of Gij?n.

Already in the postwar period it is acquired by D. Ignacio Molina G?mez, and becomes part of the Compa??a Ibero-Americana de Navegaci?n.

As Cabo Santa Maria does not appear any remarkable data, being almost always attached to the line to New York. From this it appears until January of 1932, last reference with this name.

As Mina Piquera, until the civil war, it is almost exclusively involved in the transport of coal between the ports of Gij?n and Barcelona, with loads of more than 5,000 tons.

The sale to the Compa??a Ibero Americana de Navegaci?n must have occurred between 1943 and 1944.

According to the newspaper La Vanguardia, on Tuesday, November 06, 1945, page 11 suffers a fire in Barcelona: ... "In the tween deck of the steamer" Mina Piquera ", anchored in our port originated a fire caused by fermentation Of the copra stored on said vessel. Due to the easy combustibility of the mentioned matter, the flames propagated quickly, although the hard work of the firemen of the port services managed to locate the sinister. The losses are very high, not having to mourn personal misfortunes "...

In October of 1947, on the 31st, carrying a cargo of pyrite, it ran aground in Pasaia when trying to enter port in the middle of a strong storm. He is rescued by the divers of the Mancisidor family, (in this case Jos? Manuel Mancisidor) of well-known professionalism in that port.

Once rescued, the ship proceeded to Bilbao for repair.

According to the quotations of Messrs. Souto and Ram?n Garc?a Filgueira, this ship was scrapped in 1949.

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Armatore Joaqu?n Velasco Martin
Ship manager
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Classificazione General Cargo
Cantiere e anno di costruzione 1899 Maryland Steel Company, Sparrow's Point,
Aggiunta il 30/11/2017
Dimensioni 1200 x 778
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