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Rio Pilcomayo
Rio Pilcomayo
IMO N?: 7126827

Classification Society: LRS

Type of ship: Cargo Ship.

Call sign: LRQP

Ship?s Yard: Empresa Nacional Baz?n. of: El Ferrol, Spain. Hull N?: 144

Crew: 40

DWT: 10.232 GRT: 8.558

LOA: 150,88 Mts. B: 21,65 Mts. D: 12,01 Mts. Draught: 8,23 Mts.

Containers Capacity: 89 TEUs:
Cargo gear: Derricks 10 x 5 tons, 6 x 10 tons, 1 x 50 tons. Crane: 1 x 5 tons

Main Engine:

A Sulzer 7RND68 diesel engine; 2T SA; 7 cylinders (680 x 1,250); Spanish Shipyards S. A. (A.E.S.A.) Valencia, Spain. Boilers: 10.500 CVe. Propellers: 1 Speed: 18,00 Knots.

3 December 1971. Launched for E. L. M. A. (Empresa L?neas Mar?timas Argentina S. A.), Buenos Aires. Christianed Rio Pilcomayo. (Flag: Argentina)

April 1973. Delivered.

1987. Sold. Renamed Lucky Scope. (Flag: Cyprus)

1989. Sold to S. & M. Co. (Intertrans Shipping), Panam?. Renamed Ocean Queen. (Flag: Panam?)

1990. Sold to Seabridge Maritime Co. Ltd., Panam?. Renamed Sea Glory. (Flag: Panam?)

1992. Sold to Northland Shipping Co. Ltd., Panam?. - Sea Glory. (Flag: Panam?)

16 October 1992. Waterway in the engine room; Abandoned by the crew; Towed to Thailand and then to Shanghai, China.

1993. Sold to Shanghai Far East (China Goverment). Renamed Yuan Dong I. (Flag: China)

Present status unknown, probably this ship has already been scrapped.

Username Registrato surveychile
Armatore ELMA
Ship manager ELMA
Numero IMO 7126827
Classificazione General Cargo
Cantiere e anno di costruzione 1973 Empresa Nacional Baz?n
Aggiunta il 02/02/2019
Dimensioni 1200 x 792
visite 565