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Daniele Alletto
Air Naval
Torre d'aMare
Precedente Successiva
Island Queen
Island Queen
Builder A. Vuijk, Capelle a/d Ysel. Yn 182 Comp 1900
Tonnage 613grt 313nrt
1900 617gr 281net
Dimensions 176.4 x 27.0 x 13.1
Propulsion 3 cyl 15.5?, 25.5?, -42.6? 99NHP 10kts

1900 August 6 First call. Newspaper reported that the vessel was built by Pile & Co., London. Her trial trip from Sunderland where she had been engined by North Eastern Marine Co, gave a speed of 12 knots.
1912 October 31 Last regular call.
1913 Worked potato season, and last call August 30.
1913 November. Sold for ?8,035.

1900 30 July. Registered in London to London & Channel Islands Steamship Co.
Ltd. Mgrs Stanley Cheeswright and Matthew Wharton Ford.
Vessel mortgaged with Shipping Investments Ltd
1913 8 December. Register cancelled, sold Italian buyers.

1913 Sold Foreign, renamed CANDIANO
LR 1919/20 CANDIANO, Owner Soc Romagnola di Nav. ( P. Cagnoni, Mgr.)
LR 1923/25. Entry overprinted, now ZARA. (Did this take place ?)
LR 1925/26 CANDIANO Owner Soc Armatrice Radivo - Frausin, POR Trieste. Entry overprinted, burnt 4/1925.
From CR 2nd quarter. CANDIANO. On voyage Fiume-Tripoli (Turkey). 4th April 1925 Damaged by fire at Brindisi. Sold to be broken up.

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