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Brazil Maru
Brazil Maru
IMO N?: 46463

Type of ship: Ocean Liner
Call Sign: JCZN

Flag: Japan
Ship?s Owners: Osaka Shosen K. K. - OSK Line

GRT: 12.752

LOA: 157,20 Mts. B: 21,00 Mts. D: 12,60 Mts.

Ship?s Yard: Mitsubishi Jukogyo K. K. Hull N?: 735 Date built: 1939

Main Engine

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Jukogyo K. K. 2 x 11 cyl. 2SCSA Mitsubishi-Sulzer diesels, Power: 3076 n.h.p. Speed: 21,40 Knots. 2 Shafts. 2 Screws.

On August 5th, 1942, US submarine Greenling (Henry C. Bruton SS-213), attacks Japanese shipping about, 150 miles north-northwest of Truk, torpedoes and sinks unescorted liner BRASIL MARU and merchant passenger-cargo ship PALAO MARU.

BRAZIL MARU, carrying 240 Japanese returnees, is hit twice and sinks quicky by the bow, taking with her 57 crew and an unknown number of passengers. 200 survive.

15 August 1942 (after 10 days): Auxiliary gunboat CHOAN MARU NO.2 picks up 54 survivors at 08-31N, 149-16E from lifeboat No. 7.

16 August 1942 (after 11 days): Lifeboat No.19 with 52 survivors reaches Ono Island, near Truk.

24 August 1942 (after 19 days): Lifeboat No.18 with 52 survivors is rescued by patrol craft TAKUNAN MARU NO.10.

29 August 1942 (after 24 days):: Lifeboat No.17 with 53 survivors is rescued by auxiliary gunboat CHOAN MARU NO.2 at 11-26N, 147-58E.

Note: Palao Maru wrongly named Palau Maru and Brasil Maru as Brazil Maru by many sources.

Username Registrato surveychile
Armatore Osaka Shosen K. K. - OSK Line
Ship manager
Numero IMO
Classificazione Passenger Ship
Cantiere e anno di costruzione 1939 Mitsubishi Jukogyo K. K.
Aggiunta il 20/05/2016
Dimensioni 1200 x 527
visite 1062