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Portuguese pass/cargo liner IMPERIO; imo 5159698/ 161.9m/ 13.185,72gt/ 7.758,63nt/ 11,230m3 cargo/ 17-19kn / twin screw/ 2 groups of turbines, built in 1948 by John Brown & Co., Ltd./ 2 boilers 30 K/cm2 pressure/ 13.200bhp/ passengers: 18 luxury class, 101 first class, 156 second, 118 third and 406 at third supplementary, total of 799 passengers/ 164 crew; 27/12/1947 launched by John Brown & Co., Ltd., Clydebank, Glasgow; 06/1948 completed by John Brown & Co., Ltd, Clydebank, Glasgow, for Companhia Colonial de Navega??o, Lisbon; 16/06/1948 registered at Lisbon under number H362; she was employed in the pass/cargo line to the Portuguese Territories of Africa, including Angola and Mozambique; made a trip to Brazil, and a tourist trip to the Atlantic islands and in the 60/70?s she was chartered by the Portuguese Government to transport troops and military equipment to Mozambique, having on one of these trips, more properly to 09/01/1970, commanded by captain Oscar Guimar?es, suffered a hole in the engine, which gave huge water inside, which eventually flooding and freezing machines, and as such the daily life on board became unbearable when that liner was in the four-day trip to Cape Verde and 400nm, 150nm more properly to the south of Dakar.
Reportedly one hole was caused by blowing an explosive device placed on board prior to departure from Lisbon, probably by elements of independence movements, however, while she was adrift, was assisted by other vessels sailing in the area, including the Portuguese vessels TRANSFRIO and ALMEIRIM, and later by a Portuguese frigate. Reached a tug of Greek nationality, of Tsavliris , was by this towed to the port of Mindelo, on the Cape Verde islands, which bore away after about six days, with personnel on board in despair, particularly the troops, which having followed some days later for Mozambique in the pass/cargo liner NIASSA. The rugged liner returned to Lisbon towed by Dutch salvage tug JACOB VAN HEEMSKERCK, of the NV. Wijsmuller Bureau of Ijmuiden, and then some days later went to the shipyards of Glasgow for final reparations, by their own means; 25/10/1966 IMPERIO entered Leix?es as "presidential ship" carrying from Lisbon, one of the few national statesmen and sailor, who at the time led the Navy, as its minister, Portugal did return to sea with the famous order No. 100 of 16/08/1945 which gave the then rejuvenation, now aged merchant navy, which was initiated with the m/v BENGUELA in 1946 and concluded with the pass/cargo liner NIASSA in 1955, the Admiral Am?rico Tom?s, President of Portugal, who came to preside over the inauguration of the Leix?es port works, dock no. 2, the movable bridge and viaduct, both for the linking of Matosinhos to Le?a da Palmeira; 29/03/1974 she arrived in Kaohsiung for scrapping by Chu Shun Hwa Steel & Iron Co., Ltd.
Sources: Miramar Ship Index, Portuguese press, CCN.
Photo: Rui Amaro

Username Registrato Rui Amaro
Armatore Companhia Colonial de Navega??o, Lisbon
Ship manager
Numero IMO imo 5159698
Classificazione Passenger/cargo liner
Cantiere e anno di costruzione 06/1948 completed by John Brown & Co., Ltd, Clydebank, Glasgow
Data 15/02/1972
Luogo Leix?es
Aggiunta il 03/01/2014
Dimensioni 800 x 514
visite 1178