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Description. Motor ships of the type LADOGA of different variants (projects 285, 289 and 787) are the mid-size dry cargo "river-sea" ships, which have covered holds, with double boards and double bottom, with machine compartment in the rear part, superstructure, depending on modification, in the rear or fore-part, including those equipped with lifting wheel-house. Ships are intended basically for carrying of general cargoes, containers and timber.

Modifications. First two modifications of the type "Ladoga" (projects 285 and 289) have two cargo holds and superstructure in the rear part. Outwardly ships of the project 289 differ by the higher superstructure. Ships of the later modification (project 787) are equipped with lifting wheel-house in the fore-part and have one cargo hold.

Serial building. Three modifications of this type were built in series in different years: ships of the project 285 since 1972 till 1974 (9 units built); ships of the project 289 since 1978 till 1980 (10 units built); ships of the project 787 since 1988 till 1989 (8 units built). Ships of the project 787 were assigned serial numbers starting from 101.

Distribution. Ships of the type "Ladoga" were delivered to North-Western Shipping Company for work mainly on Baltic sea with the possibility of visiting the river ports of Russia and european countries. In 90-ties some early-built ships were transferred to foreign shipping companies (mainly, estonian). At present time all ships of this type are in service.

Technical Data
Vessel type: Cargo
Gross tonnage: 1,853 tons
Summer DWT: 2,075 tons
Length: 82 m
Beam: 11 m
Draught: 2.8 m

Username Registrato BRIAN FISHER
Ship manager
Numero IMO 8700058
Classificazione General cargo ship
Cantiere e anno di costruzione 1988
Data AUGUST 1989
Aggiunta il 13/07/2012
Dimensioni 1222 x 808
visite 1343