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Almirante Lynch
Almirante Lynch
Port of Valparaiso, Chile.

October 1, 2012


Standard displacement: 3500 tons, máx cargo 4200 tons.


8 misiles antsurface HARPOON

01 Missil launch SEAWOLF

1 turret of 4,5" MK-8 MOD 1

2 machine guns of 30 mm.

4 torpedo tubes (MK-46)

Embarked helicopter Cougar SH-32, antisom and surface.

Engine power: CODLAG

Max speed: 28 Knots

LOA:133 Mts B:16,10 Mts. D: 8,9 Mts. Draught: 7,20 Mts.

Ex Name: HMS "Grafton"

The frigate "Almirante Lynch" is the fourth unit with the name of the Vice admiral Patricio Lynch Solo de Zaldívar.

This is a frigateDuke type 23 and was built in the Yarrow Shipbuilders at Glasow, Great Britain.

Her incorporation to the Chilean Navy is performed ten years later, in Plymouth, the 27th of March of 2007. Her capacity to carry two medium helicopters 'Cougar', apart of her missile Its incorporation to the Chilean Navy is performed ten years later, in Plymouth, on 27 March 2007. Its ability to carry two medium helicopters 'Cougar', in addition to her missile capability antisurface Jindalee over- 'Harpoon', give the type 23 frigates an extraordinary capacity for combat in all theaters, despite the fact that their original design was for the submarine fight.

Username Enregistré surveychile
Ship manager
Numéro IMO
Type de navire Frigate
Année et chantier de construction 1997
Date 1 October 2012
Lieu Valparaiso, Chile.
Téléchargée le 08/11/2012
Dimension 1200 x 900
visites 735