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Built in 1960 by Alex Stephen & Son at Govan, Glasgow, Scotland, mobil acme was the first of two clean product tankers to be built for Mobil Tankers Limited, London. The vessel was powered by a Parmetrada steam turbine developing 9259HP. On 3 May 1963, she grounded on a reef in the Red Sea while part laden en route from Port Sudan, Sudan, to Massawa, Ethiopia. She was refloated on 4 May and was able to continue the voyage without effecting repairs. The vessel was modified at Sasebo from September to December 1964 to enable her to carry chemicals. While trading in chemicals, both her boilers were contaminated after heavy leakage in the main condenser. At the time, she was fully laden with chemicals on passage from the Panama Canal to Australia and New Zealand. She was diverted to Tahiti for emergency repairs which took about a month. As a direct result of her delay, the Ford car factory in Australia had to cease
production: the solvent for their paint was on board mobil acme and they had run out of space to store their unpainted cars. In 1968, she sighted missing yachtsman Robin Knox-Johnson in mid-Atlantic. Knox-Johnson was the first man to sail round the world single-handed, non-stop. The crew reported him alive and well. In 1969 she was time-chartered to Stolt Nielsen until her redelivery in December 1975. After loading her last cargo in Curacao for discharge in Hamburg, Germany, she was sold for scrap and delivered to shipbreakers at Neath, near Swansea in Wales, on 8 March 1976. (Auke Visser's MOBIL Tankers & Tugs Site)

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Numéro IMO
Type de navire
Année et chantier de construction 1960
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Dimension 2267 x 2426
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