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British Workman
British Workman
Built by Workman Clark & Co., Belfast, (Yard No. 465), in 1922. (Wonder if that's where the Workman name origionated from?). 10,898 DWT powered by 2 steam turbines manufactured by the ship builder, double reduction geared to a single shaft. 3,220 shp. 9.4.1941 damaged by bombs in position 58°31'N, 12°40' W. 3.5.1942, having suffered mechanical problems whilst in convoy number ON89 from Greenock to Galveston, Texas, she dropped behind and became easy meat for the submarine U 455 who sank her with torpedoes 300 miles south of Cape Race. I regret I don't know how many of her crew survived. As a foot note, Captain L. W. Ross & Mr. G. R. Mackillican C/O both of the Workman were presented with inscribed gold cigarette cases by the Company Chairman on 8/9/1941. Captain Ross received his for the skill with which he organised and directed the defence of the ship against a U boat attack which fraustrated the attempt to sink the ship. Mr. Mackillican received his award for his spirited defence of the vessel against an attack by an enemy aircraft. Personally manning a Hotchkiss machine gun he scored hits on the nose of the attacker which made off at low level with smoke pouring from it and was later credited as destroyed. The aircraft did no damage to the ship and the crew must have been taken aback to be brought down by what they probably thought was a "sitting duck". The C/O's cigarette case was on display on board HQS Wellington, the headquarters of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners, London.

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