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Collegio Nazionale Capitani Lungo Corso e Macchina
Daniele Alletto
Air Naval
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Transatlantic Owner Soc.Italia-Genova - DUILIO Sister of Giulio Cesare 1923 G.Ansaldo & Co., Sestri Ponente. T 24,281g, 14,657n. E 4 sgl + 6 dbl bIrs. H Steel. 4 + awning + shelter elle P 280 1st, 670 2nd, 6003rd. Crew 480. 1914 May 30: Kee11aid. 1914 Sept: Work ceased for the duration. 1916 Jan 9: Finally launched to free the slipway for war work. The ship was very much 'hull onIy'. Laid up; the proposal to complete her as a troopship foundered because no engines of her size were capab1e of being built. 1919 Plans to complete her were drawn up and work started in early 1920. 1923 Aug: Trials. Oct: Handed over to Navigazione Generale Italiana, Genoa. Oct 30: M/v Genoa-Naples-New York. 1928 Aug: Transferred to the South American service. 1932 Jan 2: Transferred to the new Italia Flotte Riunite. Same service. 1933 Chartered to Lloyd Triestino. Placed on the East Africa-Cape Town service. 1934 Refitted. P As with her sister. Feb: Joined her sister on the Cape Town run. 1936 Dec 17: Transferred to Lloyd Triestino. Far East service. 1940 June 10: War and laid up at Trieste. 1942 Mar: Chartered, with her sister, by the Intemational Red Cross, Geneva, painted in hospital ship livery and used as a repatriation vessel from Italian East Africa. July: Laid up at Trieste about a mile from her sister..

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