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Kai Xin
Kai Xin
Chinese factory fishing ship Kai Xin, pictured burning just off the coast of Antarctica, Friday. The Kai Xin one Chinese Factory ship was burning the 17th April 2013 and sank the 22nd April 2013 just off the coast of Antarctica. Around 90 members of the crew had been rescued by a Norvegian fishing ship when the fire had already been initiated, the ships had been abandoned at time of sinking. The first warning of the sinking came from the Chinese fishing vessel Fu Rong Hai, who on his way through Antarctica sent an email to the owner stating that the Kai Xin no longer appeared on the radar. The crew of the Fu Rong Hai reported having seen nets and liferafts in the water, said the statement of the Chilean Navy; "Fu Rong Hai was ordered to remain in the area until a Chilean ship carrying specialized personnel in the fight against fuel leakage arrives at the scene to locate the remains of the wreck." The sank Chinese ship, of 341 feet long, built in 1990 was operated by the Shanghai Kaichuang Marine International Co., especialized in fishing and high sea processing fish catch.

Username Registrato surveychile
Armatore Shanghai Kaichuang Marine International Co.
Ship manager Shanghai Kaichuang Marine International Co.
Numero IMO
Classificazione Fishing Vessel (Larger and Ocean going)
Cantiere e anno di costruzione 1990
Aggiunta il 17/02/2017
Dimensioni 1200 x 900
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