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British container ship COMMODORE CLIPPER, imo 7021845/ 78,5m/ 758gt/ 15,5kn; 08/1970 completed by F. Smit, Foxhol, as HIBERNIAN ENTERPRISE for Limerick Steamship Co, Ltd, Dublin; 1970 HIBERNIAN ENTERPRISE, Hibernian Transport Corp. Dublin; 1971 HIBERNIAN ENTERPRISE, Palgrave, Murphy Ltd, Dublin; 1971 MAYO, Irish Sea Operators Ltd. Dublin; 1974 COMMODORE CLIPPER, Commodore Shipping Co., Ltd, Guernsey; 1988 CELINE M, Jean Paul Metz, Beirut, Lbn; 1990 SEA LION I, Meromar Chartering Co. Ltd, San Lorenzo, Hnd; 1991 CELINE M, Meromar Chartering Co. Ltd, mgrs. M. C. Lines Shipmanagement Ltd. San Lorenzo. Hnd. 1993 LARNACA TOWN, San Lorenzo, Hnd; 1993 SEA STAR III, Mediterranean Container Line, San Lorenzo, Hnd; 1993 CELINE M, Mediterranean Container Line, San Lorenzo, Hnd; 1995 CELINE M, Metz Shipmanagement, mgrs. Metz Container Line SA, San Lorenzo. Hnd;1996 CELINE M, Celine M Ltd, mgrs. Metz Container Line SA, Kingstown, Vct; 1998 CELINE M, Celine M Ltd, mgrs, Libanfracht SARL, Kingstown, Vct; 2003 ABDALLAH, V. Kaida, Moroni, Com: 2003 ABDALLAH, V. Kaida, Wonsan, Prk; 2006 ABDALLAH, Vienna Shipping Co, Freetown, Sle; 2006 ABDALLAH, Vienna Shipping Co, La Paz, Bol; 2007 ABDALLAH, Vienna Shipping Co. Moroni, Com; 2010 ALBARAKA 8, Alamoodi Wam, Jeddah-Sal: Dar es Salaam, Tzn; Subsequent history untraced.
As COMMODRE CLIPPER she was employed by her owner in the Iberia Service, conventional and containerized, from Portsmouth for Lisbon/Leixões with eventual calls to Cartagena, Gibraltar, Vigo and Channel Islands. As her water-clerk at Leixões I remember her masters, Captains Griffiths, Michael Child, Desmond Pyatt, Patrick Fry and John Abel.
Seen anchored at Leixões outer-harbour, awaiting berthing 70s.
(C) Foto Mar, Leixões

Username Registrato Rui Amaro
Armatore Commodore Shipping Co., Ltd, Guernsey
Ship manager
Numero IMO imo 7021845
Classificazione Container ship
Cantiere e anno di costruzione 08/1970 completed by F. Smit, Foxhol
Data 70's
Luogo Leixões
Aggiunta il 22/02/2013
Dimensioni 1392 x 1040
visite 1240