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La nave scuola messicana a Olbia 1/09/2011

Fonte: celeste

The training tall ship Cuauhtemoc was built for the Mexican Navy in the Celaya shipyards (Bilbao, Spain) and launched in July 1982. She was the last of four windjammers built by Bilbaol shipyards (her predecessors were the Gloria for Columbia, the Guayas for Equator, and the Simon Bolivar for Venezuela). The Cuauhtemoc is named for the last Aztec emperor who was imprisoned and executed by the conquistador, Herman Cortes, in 1525 . The Cuauhtemoc is a used by the Mexican Navy to train its officer cadets. The Cuauhtemoc completed a round-the-world cruise in 1990. Cuauhtemoc is 90.5 metres (269.9 feet) long at her spars and 67.2 metres (220) at the waterline. 12 metres (39 feet) wide she draws 5.4 metres (17.7 feet) and displaces 1,800 tons.

Username Registrato Grimy
Armatore Marina del Messico
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Data 1/09/2011
Luogo Olbia
Aggiunta il 01/09/2011
Dimensioni 1600 x 1200
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