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The Portuguese liner FUNCHAL (2); imo 5124162/ 154,64m/ 9.563gt; 10/1961 completed by Helsingor Skibs. Og Maskin., Helsingor, as dual passenger mail and cruise ship with accommodation for 400 passengers for Empresa Insulana de Navegação, Lisbon, particularly for Lisbon, Madeira, Azores and Canaries service with some cruises to Mediterranean. In 1973 she made a round trip as Presidential yacht transporting the President of Portugal for a state visit to the Azores, Madeira, Portuguese Territories of West Africa and Brazil; 1973 rebuilt as cruise ship; 1974 moved to CTM-Companhia Portuguesa de Transportes Maritimos, Lisbon; 31/12/1979 Great Warwick, Inc, Panama; 01/01/1992 Arcalia Shipping Co.,Ltd., Lisbon; 13/10/2008 World Cruises Agency, Lisbon. The Portuguese and Panama were the only flags having been hoisted on that vessel. She is the sole survivor of the interesting Portuguese fleet of passengers vessels started build after WWII, owing to Greek ownership Mr. George Potamianos, which is established in Lisbon. Nowadays she has accommodation for 571 passengers and use the Int. Shipping Register of Madeira MAR.
Seen inbound Leixões dressed overall for a cruise in the 60s.
(c) Foto Mar - Leixões

Username Registrato Rui Amaro
Armatore Empresa Insulana de Navegação, Lisbon
Ship manager
Numero IMO imo 5124162
Classificazione Pass/cargo liner
Cantiere e anno di costruzione 10/1961 completed by Helsingor Skibs. Og Maskin., Helsingor
Data 60's
Luogo Leixões
Aggiunta il 14/07/2011
Dimensioni 800 x 550
visite 1461