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The Portuguese Navy training steel auxiliary schooner NTM CREOULA (UAM 201), 67,4m/ 664,57gt/ 894dt/ 10,5knots/ crew 38 + trainees 52; 06/1937 completed in record building time of 62 working days as a grand banker schooner CREOULA by CUF-Companhia União Fabril, Lisbon, FOR Parcearia Geral de Pescarias, mgrs Bensaúde & Cia.,Lda., Lisbon, She made part of the Portuguese White Fleet; 1979 CREOULA, Secretary of State for Fishery, who trying to convert her in a fishing vessel museum; 01/06/1987 NTM CREOULA (UAM 201), Portuguese Navy, being rebuilt and converted into a training vessel for youths of both sex being interested in sailing and sea experience. She has taken part in many “tall ships races” and other maritime events. Sister-vessels: SANTA MARIA MANUELA, ARGUS (POLYNESIA).
19/09/1990 seen in the river Douro, Oporto.

Username Registrato Rui Amaro
Armatore Portuguese Navy
Ship manager
Numero IMO
Classificazione Steel auxiliary schooner
Cantiere e anno di costruzione 1937 - CUF, Lisbon
Data 19/09/1990
Luogo River Douro, Oporto
Aggiunta il 25/05/2010
Dimensioni 751 x 509
visite 763