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Piave II
Piave II
The ship was ordered while the company was still Austro-Hungarian. Laid down in February 1916 and launched 11.06.1919 as "Piave" she was the first ship launched by San Rocco after the war. "Piave" was completed 04.05.1921. 1924 for a short time renamed "Piave II" (why??) "Piave" was scuttled at Assab 10.04.1941.
"Piave" was part of a group of five ships ordered by Navigazione Libera Triestina with lattice masts, the others were "Timavo" and "Rosandra" built by San Rocco, too, and "Monte Grappa" and "Duchessa d'Aosta" built by San Marco. What was the presumed advantage of this type of masts, and why they were abandoned again?

Username Registrato kgvm
Armatore Navigazione Libera Triestina
Ship manager
Numero IMO
Cantiere e anno di costruzione 1921 San Rocco, Trieste
Data 1924
Luogo St. Nazaire
Aggiunta il 03/11/2009
Dimensioni 1607 x 1023
visite 1822