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Fernando Poo
Fernando Poo
Flag: Spain Type: Ocean Liner Propulsion: Motor Vessel (Diesel) GRT: 6914 tons Dimensions LOA: 124.40 Mts. B: 16.40 Mts. D: 8.85 Mts. Main Engine: 2 diesel Krupp Power: 6250 h.p. (rhp) Speed: 16.20 Knots about the loss cause lost: gunfire - shelled date lost: 14/10/1936 about people Builder: Yard N? Date built: Cia. Euskalduna de Construccion Naval, Bilbao 97 1935 engine by: Friedrich Krupp Germaniawerft A. G., Kiel owner: Compa??a Trasmediterranea, Madrid about the wreck depth (m.): 10 max. / 8.4 min. (m) The national leaders had ordered the "City of Mahon", who was armed and in the port of Las Palmas and under the command of Lieutenant Fernando Balen, an expedition to capture the Fernando Poo. On October 14 at dawn, and after 10 days of travel, City of Mahon arrived in Bata and intimidated the Fernando Poo and invited the occupants to surrender, to which no reply was received. The guns of the City of Mahon opened fire on its fellow ship, causing an hole on the water line, which was followed by a fire. The militia then left the ship. The attacking forces on City of Mahon failed to save the ship, which sank in shallow water lying on her starboard side. This was the first ship lost to Trasmediterr?nea during the civil war. The company tried on several occasions to raise the Fernando Poo, however, the site conditions were difficult to sink and the plan was eventually dismissed.

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Armateur Compa??a Transmediterr?nea
Ship manager
Numéro IMO
Type de navire Passenger - Cargo vessel
Année et chantier de construction 1936 Cia. Euskalduna de Construccion Naval
Téléchargée le 23/03/2017
Dimension 1200 x 873
visites 565