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M/t Nettuno
M/t Nettuno
The 1955 Swan Hunter, Newcastle, built BORDER SENTINEL was sold in 1970 to Nettuno Shipping Corp. Monrovia Name: BORDER SENTINEL Type: Tanker Launched: 19/07/1955 Completed: 04/11/1955 Builder: Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd Yard: Neptune Yard, Low Walker Yard Number: 1904 Dimensions: 15968dwt, 11335grt, 6334nrt, 525.5 x 69.8 x 37.5ft Engines: 6cyl, 2SCSA, Doxford type Engines by: Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd Propulsion: 1 x Screw, 13.5knots Construction: Steel Reg Number: 186849 History: 04/11/1955 Lowland Tanker Co Ltd (Common Bros Ltd, managers) 23/03/1970 Nettuno Shipping Corp, Liberia; renamed NETTUNO 23/03/1970 Southern Shipping & Finance Co Ltd, London, appointed managers 04/02/1976 Broken up Comments: 04/02/1976: Beached at Gadani Beach for breaking up

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Armateur Nettuno Shipping Corp, Liberia;
Ship manager Southern Shipping & Finance Co Ltd, London,
Numéro IMO
Année et chantier de construction Launched: 19/07/1955 Completed: 04/11/1955
Date 1972
Lieu New York
Téléchargée le 26/12/2013
Dimension 1023 x 682
visites 1245